Patla Shomogro By Shaktipada Rajguru

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Patla Shomogro is a popular Bengali comic series, written by distinguished writer Shaktipada Rajguru (1922 – 2014). The series is the compilation of the stories of Patla, a fictitious character, who gets involved in all sorts of funny activities.

Patla is basically an ordinary Bengali guy with a descent look. His appearance seems to be very casual and has the resemblance of the neighborhood boy of locality. He has four friends, Samee, Gobra, Hontka and Fatik. Patla along with these four friends runs a club named Panchapandab. The friendship between the five of them is very strong and they are always prepared to help each other in any trouble. Patla is considered to be the center of attraction of this group of friends.

Rajguru as Samee narrates the stories of Patla to the readers. From his narration it is found that Patla comes from a very aristocrat family of his locality. He has always money in his hand and most of the times he carries all the expenses of his friends. Hence his friends has made him the cashier of the club. Fatik is the cultural editor of the club and possesses interest in music. Hontka is the permanent secretary of the club and loves to eat too much. Gobra takes care of the pumpkin and potato storehouse of his uncle.

Patla is always active and brainstorms new ideas. His friends initially shows reluctance but later accept the ideas and together they go for executing those ideas. Because of this nature Patla gets into trouble with his friends but comes out of the situation by his intelligence. Rajguru has made the character Patla in a very simple manner as it represents the normal middle class Bengali boy, who is full of life and loves adventure. Hence readers can connect to this character while reading his stories and loves to get engaged with the activities. As a result, Patla Shomogro has taken a permanent place in the minds of children and adolescents.

Book Name: পটলা সমগ্র

Book Writer: Shaktipada Rajguru (শক্তিপদ রাজগুরু)

Book Pages: 303 (Vol 1) and 242 (Vol 2)

File Size: 17.5 MB (Vol 1) and 13.6 MB (Vol 2)

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