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Begum Rokeya is a pioneer feminist of Bengal. She was a writer, educationist, social activist, and advocate of women's rights.

As a writer, she wrote essays, novels, poems. Her most important works are: Abarodhbashini, Sultana's Dream, Padmarag and Motichur. In the book Sultana's Dream, the role of men and women were reversed. Women were considered as master and men as subordinate. Motichur and Abarodhbashini are collection of essays.

Her works focused around one goal: to give women their due right and treat equally between men and women. At that time, women used to live in their houses. They were not given any education. Begum Rokeya, through her writing tried to teach women importance of education.

She also worked as a social activist. She established the first school aimed primarily at Bengali Muslim girls in Kolkata. She also established Muslim Women’s Association. Because of her works, she is considered to be one of the most influential Bengali of all time.

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