Gogol Omnibus (গোগোল অমনিবাস) by Samaresh Basu

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Gogol Omnibus is a fictitious detective series written by eminent Bengali writer Samaresh Basu (সমরেশ বসু, 1924 – 1988). The central character of the series is a Kolkata based teenage detective named Gogol. The series is highly popular among children and is considered as one of the most successful detective story series in Bengali literature.

Gogol lives with his parents in Kolkata and his real name is Uday Kumar Chatterjee. His father Samiresh Chatterjee works as a high rank officer and his mother is Suniti Devi. Being a fan of renowned Russian writer Nikolai Gogol, Samiresh named his son Gogol. Although it is found from the stories, Samaresh Basu named the character Gogol after the name of the son of a landlord, who provided him accommodation during his visit at Kumbha Mela. From Basu’s description it is found that Gogol is highly intelligent and he is always enthusiastic about the events happening around him. He has a very curious mindset, which helps him to be a detective at an early adolescence. It is because of this overzealous nature he gets entrapped into various web of mystery. He cannot stay still after sensing anything suspicious and this often drags him to hideouts of criminals. In most instances he all alone probes into mysteries with his high intellect and puts his life in danger to find out solution. Sometimes he is rescued by the Private Investigator of Naihati, Ashok Thakur while accomplishing dangerous adventures.

Popular child magazine Anandamela have published most of the stories of Gogol. He first appeared in the story “Idurer Khutkhut”, which was published in this magazine. Numerous stories and novel were written on the adventures of Gogol. Some of the famous stories of Gogol are “Gogoler Keramoti”, “Jonaki Bhooter Bari”, “Chora Hati Sikar”, “Sonali Parer Rahasyo”, “Mahismardini Uddhar” “Adrishya Manuser Hatchhani”, “Goradheen Janalaye Rakhos” etc. Till now, two films have been made on the stories of Gogol, one is ‘Goyenda Gogol’ based on the story “Sonali Parer Rahasyo” and the other one ‘Gogoler Kirti’ was based on “Gogoler Royraja Udhhar” and “Mahismardini Uddhar”.

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