The Pyramid (দ্য পিরামিড) Book By Ismail Kadare


Ismail Kadare (ইসমাইল কাদরী) wrote the book "The Pyramid" which is a historic fiction book about pyramids and paraohs. Ismail Kadare is an Albanian novelist and poet. He was born in 1936. He won several prizes including "Booker" prize for the book "The Pyramid".

Egyptian pyramids are ancient pyramid-shaped masonry structures located in Egypt. Egyptian Paraohs or Kings were placed inside the pyramids after their death. Egyptian kings were very cruel to the common people at that time. They forced their people to build these huge structures which is still a wonder to us.

Among all the pyramids, the Great Pyramids of Giza are the largest and most magnificent. It was built for Pharaoh Cheops. Ismail Kadare wrote about paraoh Cheops and creation of his pyramid in this book.

Pharaoh Cheops wanted to forgo the construction of a pyramid in his honor. However, his court sages hasten to persuade him otherwise. So, the Paraoh ordered to build the greatest pyramid ever which killed many people in the process.

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