Mamababu Shomogro By Premendra Mitra (মামাবাবু সমগ্র - প্রেমেন্দ্র মিত্র)


Mamababu Shomogro is one of the best Bengali science fiction series written by Premendra Mitra (1904 – 1988). It summarizes all the inexpugnable expeditions of a fictitious character known as Mamababu.

Mamababu is a mid-aged person, who used to live in Burma (Now Myanmar) for service purpose. His original name has never been said by the writer although in different stories he has sometimes been addressed as Mr. Roy, sometimes Mr. Sen and sometimes Mr. Hazra. In all the expeditions he has always been accompanied by his nephew Mr. Sen, who narrates all the stories. Mr. Sen is also known to his pen-name Ganapati Hazra. With this name he used to publish all the stories of Mamababu. From his narratives, it has been found that Mamababu seems to be an ordinary Bengali gentleman with an average look. After completing studies in Mining, he took a job of prospector in the jungles of Burma. He was a great mineralogist and was very keen in finding new animal species. His expeditions were mainly carried out throughout Burma and adjacent countries. He had a trusted Burmese servant Mongpo who also took part in most of the expeditions.

In 2007 the latest edition of Mamababu Shomogro was published. It is a collection of seven thrilling expedition stories, those are “Kuhaker Deshe”, “Dragoner Nishwas”, “Mamababur Protidan”, “Abar sei Meyeti”, “Otoler Guptodhan”, “Paharer Nam Korali”, and “Porchula Saheb O Mamababu”. “Kuhaker Deshe” was first published in a series in the popular magazine ‘Mouchak’. Legendary Satyajit Ray made the cover of the second story “Dragoner Nishwas”, which was published from Signet press in 1948. The expedition stories of Mamababu evoked a lot of excitement in the minds of teenage readers. Each story of Mamababu is different from others for the dramatic twist which proves the uniqueness of Premendra Mitra. The unbelievable connection of thriller mystery with science fiction has made Mamababu stories everlasting in the world of Bengali literature.

Book Name: মামাবাবু সমগ্র

Book Writer: প্রেমেন্দ্র মিত্র (Premendra Mitra)

Book Pages: 251

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