Kashem Bin Abu Bakar Books

Kasem Bin Abu Bakar (কাসেম বিন আবুবাকার) is a famous Bengali novel writer. He writes mainly based on Islamic culture.

He is also known as the author of ‘Futonto Golap’ (ফুটন্ত গোলাপ ). This book is known to have sold more than one million copies.

In the book ‘Futonto Golap’ , he wrote why he was influenced to write books like this. He understood young people are misleading because of following western traditions blindly. He writes books to remind them of Islamic tradition which can be a source of true peace for them.

In his books, he tries to influence the young generation to Islamic values and ideas. His books will remind the readers beauty of Islamic culture.

Kashem Bin Abubakar Futonto Golap Image

Kashem Bin Abu Bakar Books

1. Futonto Golap (ফুটন্ত গোলাপ) [File Size: 5.23 MB]

2. Megher Kole Rod (মেঘের কোলে রোদ) [File Size: 9.88 MB]

3. Pahari Lolona (পাহাড়ী ললনা) [File Size: 6.92 MB]

4. Se Kon Boner Horin (সে কোন বনের হরিণ) [File Size: 5.78 MB]