Syed Waliullah Lalsalu and Other Books

Syed Waliullah is a novel and short story writer. He is also known for his famous book ‘Lalsalu’.

Chander Amaboshay

He was born in Sholashahar, Chittagong in the year 1922. His father was a government officer. He spent his childhood in different areas of Bangladesh because of his father’s job. In 1943, he graduated from Ananda Mohan College with distinction. In 1967, he joined as a programme specialist at UNESCO in Paris.

His most popular book is ‘Lalsalu’. It tells the story of Majid, a poor man who comes to a new village. He understands that most of the village people are illiterate and religious. So, he tells them a fake story of Mudassir Peer. He shows a grave to be the Majaar of that Peer and the villagers start believing him. He then becomes financially stable and happy by the help of the villagers.

His other novels are Chander Amaboshay, Kando Nodi Kando and short story books are Nayanchara, Dui Tir O Anyanya Galpa. He died in Paris in 1971.

Syed Waliullah Books

1. Lalsalu [File Size: 14.16 MB]

2. Kado Nodi Kado [File Size: 6.77 MB]

3. Chander Omaboshay [File Size: 3.28 MB]

Syed Waliullah Short Story Books

1. Syed Waliullah Golpo Shomogro [File Size: 16.7 MB]