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Adobe Photoshop is the best image creating, editing and manipulation software for both Windows and MacOS. It is used for animation, architecture, web design and in many other fields because of its high diversity. You can crop, edit, change an image as you wish. It is the number one choice for graphics designers as well.

HTML & CSS Free Books & Tutorials (English)


The most amazing part of HTML & CSS is that it is very easy to learn. Anyone can learn HTML & CSS within a few days and publish their website online if they wish. HTML & CSS have different versions and it is upgrading day by day. Thats why, we are experiencing change in the websites day by day.

Javascript Free Books & Tutorials (English)

Head First JavaScript Programming

If you want to take your website to a new level, then Javascript is the way for you. Although it's a little hard than HTML or CSS, but it will not take too much time like other programming languages.

PHP Free Guides & Video Tutorials (English)


PHP is especially suited for web development and can be embedded into HTML. PHP is a server-side scripting language. It is different from client-side scripting language JavaScript. In PHP, code is executed in the server, so client have no way to know about your code. So it is safe than Javascript.

Bootstrap Free Tutorials (English)

Bootstrap Tutorial From Edx

Bootstrap is an HTML, CSS, javascript framework that is used for creating web sites or web applications. It was originally created by Twitter. It helps us to create responsive, mobile first web pages. Over the years, it has become the standard for creating mobile-first pages because of it's simplicity.

Aptana Studio Beginner's Guide Book


Book Name: Aptana Studio Beginner's Guide

Develop web applications effectively with the Aptana Studio 3 IDE

Book Writer: Thomas Deuling