Imam Al-Ghazali (ইমাম গাযযালী (রহ:)) Bangla Books

Imam Al-Ghazali was a Persian scholar and philosopher. He is also known as one of the most influential Muslims of Islamic history.

Prophet (PBUH) told us that in every century a renewer of Islamic faith will come who will restore Islamic teachings. Imam Al-Ghazali is considered to be one of those renewers of his time and for later generations also. He was born in 1058 in Persia. He died in 1111 only at the age of 53. But within that small time, he wrote more than seventy books on Islamic philosophy and other areas.

His most important book is “Ihya'u Ulumiddin”. It covers almost all major fields of Islam. It’s a giant book and the most studied book after Quran and hadith. Imam Nawawi said about this book : "Were the books of Islam all to be lost, excepting only the Ihya', it would suffice to replace them all." Imam Ghazali translated “Ihya'u Ulumiddin” in Persian to a shorter version named “Kimyaye Sadat”.

Imam Al-Ghazali Books

1. Akherat (Life After Death)

2. Dakhayekul Akbar

3. Destruction Of Toung (Jobaner Khoti)

4. Hope Of Blessing And Fear Of Punishment (Ajaber Bhoy O Rohmoter Asha)

5. Misery And Greed For Wealth (Dhon Shompoder Lov O Kriponota)

6. Mishkatul Anwar-Source Of Light (Alor Dipadhar)

7. Patience And Thankful (Sabar O Shokor)

8. Reality Of Creation (Shrishti Dorshon)

9. Ruh Ki Ebong Kemon (Hakikate Ruh)

10. Show Off Worship (Reea)

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